17 Tasty Homemade Dog Treats

(wheat and gluten-free) carob crunchers

Homemade dog treats are the ultimate reward for your little friend. And trust me, they know how to appreciate your effort. Dogs love peanut butter & bacon as much as we do, and its a sure things to have tails wagging...Not to mention some of these are tasty even by human standards. After reading a lot of dog treats recipes for my Beagle and seeing most of them had ingredients that can harm your dog like garlic, onions, milk etc. I've decided to make my own list. Also note that some dogs … [Continue reading...]

Top 10 Lethal Homemade Weed Killers

DIY Weed Killer

If you’ve been looking for ways to kill that nasty weed without shelling out a fortune for toxic chemicals … here are 10 great frugal alternatives. But first... How to apply weed killer For best results apply it when it's hot outside, and there is no rain in the forecast for at least a day or two. Make sure there is no breeze, cause weed killer can damage your other plants as well. You can add a fine stream from the sprayer for better control. Spray the leaves and the root as well (generously) … [Continue reading...]

20 Homemade Mosquito Repellents that Work

Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent with Vanilla

With summer knocking at the door, mosquitoes are sharpening their needles, preparing for a new hunting season. If you’re not so comfortable in the posture of an easy victim, I suggest you fight nature with nature.  Since most commercial mosquito repellents are expensive and quite ineffective, I thought that it’s time to try something else. […]

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How to Make a Beautiful Centerpiece using a Floating Candle & Cranberries

How to Make a Beautiful Centerpiece using a Floating Candle & Cranberries {Tutorial}

Are you looking for something to make you special evening a bit more interesting? I’m happy to announce you that you’ve found it. This lovely centerpiece not only that is extremely cheap and easy to make, but it’s also very elegant and romantic, which makes it perfect for a memorable dinner. For making it, you’re […]

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