Plan a romantic evening with your loved ones by following the advice here to make a sweet DIY gift

Times have changed. Love notes transformed into text messages, love songs into YouTube links and romantic dates into club parties, and we can say that the days of Romeo & Juliet are long past. With so many tasks to fulfill and with all sort of gadgets that steal our lives, it’s hard to find the time to make something cute for the person you love (at least once in a while), but I believe that as long as we love each other, there’s still hope. The idea for this article sparkled a few months ago, when I was pretty tight and I wanted to find a gift that would be budget friendly and also sentimental.

I know it’s not easy to make a romantic gift, especially if you have no idea to start from, but this shouldn’t be a problem for you, ’cause I compiled a generous list with the best DIY gift ideas & tutorials that will add some romance to your couple life. Are you ready to amaze and be amazed? Have a look!

1. Last-Minute DIY Love Coupon Book (Printable)

Girls just can’t say no to discounts, offers and coupons. It’s in our nature, so it’s not a bad idea to give your girlfriend a Love Coupon Book that includes all sort of offers for all sort of romantic activities, such as dinner, massage etc. If you’re a girl, don’t worry, they are equally effective for boys too. I’ve made one for my husband and he seemed extremely thrilled and excited. However, if you’d like to see more designs before putting your printer to work, make sure you also check this one, from BHG and this one, from KeyLimeDigitalDesigns.

Last-Minute DIY Love Coupon Book (Printable) – IHeartNapTime

2. Tremendously Awesome DIY Felt Heart Bookmark

Does your partner like reading? Then he’ll love this adorable Felt Heart Bookmark. Besides, it is also pretty cheap & easy to make, the supplies required for this project being: wool felt, scissors, glue, scallop-edge scissors, disappearing ink and embroidery floss. However, these can vary depending on which design you choose, so make sure you check the tutorial before start crafting.

Tremendously Awesome DIY Felt Heart Bookmark Tutorial – BHG

3. Super Cute Scrabble & Ring Gift Idea

Would you like her to be yours for ever and always? If so, what are you waiting for? Tell her this, and I’m sure your wish will come true, especially if you use this gift idea to transmit your message. All you need is a few Scrabble pieces, a beautiful ring and a lot of love to share.

4. Funny DIY Gift Idea: “I DIG You” (Printable Gift Tag)

To make this cute gift, you’re going to need a small plastic shovel, a lot of M&Ms, a nice plastic bag and, of course, the “I Dig U!” gift tag (which can be downloaded from here). Now fill your bag with M&Ms, place the shovel inside, tie the bag with a piece of ribbon, print the gift tags, cut one of them, then attach it to the bag, and you’re done.

Funny DIY Gift Idea: “I DIG You” Printable Gift Tag & Tutorial – DIYCraftsToMake

5. How to Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

Working in an office is not exactly the most fun activity in the world, but you can improve this experience with a couple of cute things, such as a full set of Heart-Shaped Paper Clips. This not only that will make your partner’s time spent at the office seem less boring, but it will also help you save some money. Besides, they are just too cute to say no, aren’t they?

How to Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips Tutorial – HowAboutOrange.BlogspotPrev post

6. DIY Love Dynamite: “You’re the Bomb”

Sweets + wordplay = the perfect gift. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand this equation, so apply it, and the results will not delay to appear. For making this DIY Love Dynamite, you’ll need Rollo’s candy (or any other sweets you want), red paper, black licorice, black pipe cleaner and, of course, the “You’re the Bomb” Printable Gift Tag (click on it for download).

DIY Love Dynamite: “You’re the Bomb” Tutorial – Make-It-Do

7. DIY Romantic Message in an Egg

Do you agree with me that an extra special chick needs an eggstra special gift? With a simple egg, a piece of paper and a few other things, you can make her day truly memorable. It’s easy, cheap and fast, so wait no more and DIY.

DIY Romantic Message in an Egg Tutorial – PoppyTalk

8. Easy & Funny DIY “Nuts About You” Key Chain

Are you familiar with the phrase “I’m nuts about you”? This girl took it as such, the result being a funny, yet romantic, gift for her boyfriend. For making it, you need a threaded bolt (with a loop in one end), a key ring, a threaded square nut, one hexagon nut, one wing and a cap. As soon as you have all these, you can screw the together, put the key chain in a cute little box, and your gift is ready to meet its new owner.

Easy & Funny DIY “Nuts About You” Key Chain Tutorial – Free-Homemade-Gift-Ideas

9. DIY “One in a Million” Sweet Gift in a Jar

When it comes to romantic gifts it’s all about creativity, fun and love, but sometimes it’s hard to find an idea that meets all these. When you’re in trouble, remember that we’re here to help you… For example, the gift idea presented here uses a wordplay to transmit a romantic message in a funny & creative manner. Besides, it’s really cheap and cute, so give it a try, and you won’t regret it.

DIY “One in a Million” Sweet Gift in a Jar

10. How to Draw Red Hearts on Sugar Cubes for The Most Romantic Morning

Are you looking for something cute for your SWEETHEART to start a romantic day? This is exactly what you need! You can make these lovely Heart Sugar Cubes in less than 5 minutes by using red cookie icing and a toothpick to draw the hearts. For the best results, it’s recommended to use them for a breakfast in bed next to a heart-shaped mug and a beautiful a rose. Sweet, huh?

How to Draw Red Hearts on Sugar Cubes for The Most Romantic Morning Tutorial – CuteFoodForKids

11. Make a Passport to Love for Memorable Trip-Dates

It’s not cheap nor handy to travel to Paris or Venice (unless you live in France or Italy), which is the case of about 6 billion people, but where is love and imagination, the boarders seem to disappear. One of the most romantic gifts you can make for your spouse is to compile a complete travel kit, which should include a card, a travel itinerary, a passport, passport stamps and airline tickets. Take note that we’re not talking about real trips, but about thematic dates with all sort of specific activities.

Make a Passport to Love for Memorable Trip-Dates Tutorial – TheDatingDivas

12. DIY Romantic Tic Tac Toe Game from Felt

It doesn’t matter if we talk about Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or any other day of the year, because this lovely Tic Tac Toe Game fits perfectly to any occasion. Just as fun to make as to play, the DIY Romantic Tic Tac Toe presented here requires only a few affordable supplies, such as red and white felt (you can recycle some old clothes for this), white ribbon, a sewing needle and thread. Once you have all these, you can follow the tutorial below to make sure you make it right.

DIY Romantic Tic Tac Toe Game from Felt Tutorial – FirstLadyOfTheHouse

13. Handmade Date Idea Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

Are you anxious for Valentine’s Day to come? I’m sure it will be nice, but considering that there are quite many days left until then, and time passes faster when you’re having fun, the only solution is to fill your schedule with as many fun activities as you can. Write your date ideas on pieces of paper, put them into envelops, number the envelops, and you’ve made a great Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for you and your partner.

Handmade Date Idea Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar Tutorial – Pictilio

14. How to Make Your Own Romantic Story Book for Free

Ask a couple about their story, and they will recount right away, with smiles on their lips. From time to time, it’s nice to remember things and moments that brought you together, isn’t it? Well, now you can make a nice gesture for your partner, and create Your Own Story Book, without spending a penny. All you need is internet connection, a printer, the tutorial below and a good memory (to avoid further fights ).

How to Make Your Own Romantic Story Book for Free Tutorial – TheDatingDivas

15. Make Date Ideas Jars for Limitless Love & Fun {4 Ways}

After a while, it happens quite often to run out of date ideas, which gives you the opportunity to take the initiative by making something useful, romantic & spectacular. Here you can find no less than 4 tutorials for Date Ideas Jars that give you countless days of fun & love with just a couple of minutes of work. TheDatingDivas shared with us a great tutorial on how to make a 10 Dates for $20 Jar, while CelebrateEveryDayWithMe came with another interesting proposal for a romantic jar – 30 Ideas for Date Nights “At Home”. However, if these aren’t good enough for you, you can try the Printable Date Night Jar from TipJunkie or the Valentine’s Dates with Echo Park from PaperVineNZ. Whatever your choice, one thing is clear: your gift will have a long-lasting effect.

16. How to Make Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes

Would you like to make something sweet for your sweetheart? What about these sweet hearts made of sugar? It would be sweet to start the day with one of these and a cup of coffee… Click the link below, follow the tutorial, and your sweet gift will be done in less than a couple of minutes. How sweet!

How to Make Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes Tutorial – SkipToMyLou

17. 3 Extraordinary DIY Candles as Valentine’s Day Gifts

Can you imagine a romantic dinner or a bubble bath without the warm light of a candle? There are quite many types of candles with all sort of forms and scents, but there are some upgrades that can be done… For example, you can create a nice candle holder using a page with your partner’s favorite poem by following this tutorial from ILoveThisAndThat. If this is not exactly on your taste, what would you say about a chalkboard candle holder (and write different love notes each day on it)? For doing this, you should consult this useful tutorialfrom HeartLoveWeddings. Do you prefer simple candles instead of candle holders? We have something for you too. This tutorial from Minimalisti teaches you how to make a beautiful candle decoration using only a few affordable supplies.

18. Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Wheel (Printable)

Spin it to feel the love! This seems to be the motto of this gift. Most of the things you need for making this romantic wheel are already created, so all you have to do now is to click the link below, download the .pdf with the instructions and the wheel’s parts, print it, then follow the instructions carefully, and your gift will be done before you could say Valentine’s Day.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Wheel Printable Version & Tutorial – MarthaStewart

19. How to Make a Cute Pixel Heart Friendship Necklace out of Paper (Printable)

The idea of giving jewelry as a gift is not bad at all, but handmade jewelry is even better. Although the material value of a necklace made of paper is pretty low, its sentimental value is unmatched. For making this cute DIY Pixel Heart Necklace, you’re going to need a printer, cardstock, a sharp knife, paper glue, personal photos (optional) and Mod Podge / clear acrylic gel (optional). As for the instructions, please follow the tutorial below.

Tip: Take note that you can vary the design according to your needs; you can add photos, hand-written messages or any other thing you want, not to mention that you can use the same technique to make a totally different necklace (flowers, cats, roses, anything you can find on the web and can be printed for free).

How to Make a Cute Pixel Heart Friendship Necklace out of Paper Printable Version & Tutorial – HowAboutOrange

20. How to Make an Exploding Love Box for your Anniversary

When Cupidon strikes, you simply can’t avoid it. This time, it’s your turn to play Cupidon’s role and strike your lover’s heart with an exploding gift. Relax, there are no pyrotechnics involved, at least not the real ones. You can create this romantic love box with just a few sheets of card stock, scissors, adhesive (wet glue or double-sided tape), paperclips (optional) and anything you like to decorate the box with (pictures, souvenirs, colored paper, love quotes etc.). As for the instructions, follow the tutorial below.

How to Make an Exploding Love Box for your Anniversary Tutorial – TheDatingDivas

21. DIY Love Photo Art (Printable Template)

Since mobile phones were equipped with cameras, we tend to take hundreds of shots everywhere, anytime, which is not bad at all, because we have the chance to select only the best of them for special projects, like this one. Although it’s not the easiest project, it’s definitely one of the most impressive. However, if you don’t like this specific design, you can opt for something else, like this beautiful Heart-Shaped Photo Collage.

DIY Love Photo Art Printable Template & Tutorial – MarthaStewart

22. Use Free Templates to Make Personalized Playing Cards

When it comes to love, even the skeptics believe in fate. It’s nice to think that out there is something or someone who wants you two to be a couple. Since fate is the one that brought you together, you can say that it was meant to be… it was in the cards for you to be together. Well, it doesn’t really matter if it was in the cards or not because from now on it will be for sure. Considering that from time to time you can influence faith, I think I have exactly what you need. RomantiCraft published two tutorials with printables to make Romantic Playing Cards & Box for you and your partner. Here you can find the template for the box and here is the one for the personalized card. If you’d like a full set of personalized playing cards, you can use these templatesfrom BrightHub.

23. DIY Floating Love Notes & Photos

Love is floating in the air… Can you imagine how shocking would it be to open your bedroom’s door and see a room full of balloons? This is how your partner will feel when (s)he’ll see what you’ve prepared for your anniversary. To do it, you have buy a bunch of helium balloons, print the best shots of you two, write a romantic note on the back of each photo, then tie them to the balloons.

Tip: For a better effect, you can write your notes on pieces of paper, roll them and ask the man who inflates the balloons to insert your notes in each of them. Here is a good example of this.

DIY Floating Love Notes & Photos Tutorial – ShabbyNest

24. DIY Date Box Gift for Romantic Evenings Together

How many times has happened to run out of ideas for romantic dates? If the relationship is at the beginning, this is not a problem, but when the couple is older than 2-3 years, creative ideas delay to appear. To solve this problem and make a nice gift at the same time, you can take the initiative by creating a nice box with romantic date ideas. To make things easier for you, I’ve found a nice tutorial that can give you a hand. Click the link below, and take a look for inspiration.

DIY Date Box Gift for Romantic Evenings Together Tutorial – LovelyPraiseworthy.Blogspot

25. How to Make a Romantic Video for Free

How to Make a Romantic Video for Free

Technology is romance’s main enemy, but if you use it properly, you can create something truly romantic. This time, I suggest you use technology to make a nice gift for your anniversary by compiling the most beautiful moments that you’ve spent together into a short-length video. For making this, there are countless video editors that can be used even by an amateur, but I’ll share with you only two, which are freeware. The first one is a Animoto, a website designed to be extremely easy to use by everybody, and the second one is Movie Maker, a software that comes pre-installed on most Windows computers. For using Movie Maker, Microsoft published a brief tutorial that proves very useful for first-time users.

26. How to Make a Romantic Mix CD for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I still keep and play almost every day an old audio tape that my husband mixed for me for our first anniversary. Although time affected the sound quality, it remains one of the most beautiful gifts that I’ve ever received, just because whenever I listen to it, I relive the times of my youth – an unmatched feeling. This is the reason why I included this in my list. It’s not the latest fashion, but it’s definitely not outdated. However, audio tapes were replaced by CDs, and we should keep up with the times, right? The link below will prove pretty useful if you don’t have any idea what songs to include on your CD, but I would recommend you to include some songs that really have a meaning for your relationship (your fav songs, the song you danced the first time on, you’ve got my point).

Tip: For a better effect, you can also make this awesome Jukebox CD Holder (Printable).

How to Make a Romantic Mix CD for Valentine’s Day Tutorial – DesignMom

27. How to Make a Romantic Website Just for Her/Him in Less Than 1 Hour

Do you think your sweetheart would like a website just about her/him? Although most of you aren’t web designers, I’m pretty sure you all can make a website for your partner in less than 1 hour, without spending a penny. For this, you have to follow the tutorial below, and everything will seem just a piece of cake, believe me.

How to Make a Romantic Website Just for Her/Him in Less Than 1 Hour Tutorial – Free-Homemade-Gift-Ideas

28. How to Build a Love Fort for a Charming Date Night at Home

When it comes to date nights at home, you have two main possibilities: do what you always do (watching TV, movies, eating etc.), which can be nice, but not very special, or you can use what you already have to make the night truly memorable. As far as I’m concerned, the second option is in fact the only option. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty easy, if you have a good source of inspiration (such as DIYManiacs  ). For example, you can make a really nice gift, without breaking the bank, by using the tutorial below and a few common items (bed sheets, lamps, pillows etc.) to build a romantic fort for you and your partner.

How to Build a Love Fort for a Charming Date Night at Home

29. Easy DIY Gift Idea: Compile a Valentine’s Day Kit

Valentine’s Day is not an usual day, it’s the most romantic day of the year, so it should be treated as such. A romantic dinner seems like a good idea, but it’s not as creative as a Valentine’s Day Kit. With a bit of help from the tutorial below, you can make one of these for your sweetheart, so make sure you watch it carefully.

Easy DIY Gift Idea: Compile a Valentine’s Day Kit Tutorial – DesignSponge

30. DIY Random Chooser for… Anything (with Printable Template)

We all know how hard can be to decide on something when two people who love each other are involved. How many times you stayed home just because it was too hard to pick a restaurant the meets the needs of both of you? Since this applies for almost anything, from movies & activities to holiday destinations & wedding preparations, it’s better to leave the fate decide for you, don’t you think? This is the reason why I suggest you to click the link below, personalize the text, and make this awesome DIY Random Chooser for you two.

DIY Random Chooser for… Anything Printable Template & Tutorial – RomantiCraftP

31. DIY “I Love You Because” Calendar

Usually, calendars are full of notes related to work, school, all sort of tasks, meetings… important, yet boring stuffs. However, there are some upgrades that can be done to transform an ordinary calendar into a truly romantic item. For example, you can make your spouse’s days a way more interesting by writing something cute for each day of the year. If you need some inspiration and a few extra tips, please click the link below.

DIY “I Love You Because” Calendar Tutorial – WellnessMama

32. How to Compile an “All About You” Gift Basket

I suppose your partner already knows why you love him, but it’s nice to remind him this, at least from time to time. You can start with writing a giant list that includes all the reasons that make you love him, then buy a couple of small gifts (like candy, chocolate, key chains, notebooks etc.), write personalized tags for each of them, and all you have to do now is to put everything in a nice basket. For more inspiration, check the tutorial below.

How to Compile an “All About You” Gift Basket Tutorial – TheDatingDivas

33. Romantic DIY Love Compass (with Printable Template)

I’m pretty sure your partner is the center of the universe for you, but don’t you think (s)he’d like you to hear you saying this as often as you can? Well, this is one of those opportunities, when you can make your lover feel adored. All you have to do is to click the link below, follow the tutorial step by step, then print the template and your gift is almost done. Take note that you can also use a real compass, as long as its pointer is blocked into position (with glue or with a little magnet).

Romantic DIY Love Compass Printable Template & Tutorial – RomantiCraft

34. How to Personalize a Cereal Box in a Romantic Manner

The feeling of winning something… anything is one of the most pleasant experiences in a person’s life. Unfortunately, you can’t control the fate, but at least you can influence it a little. No, I’m not speaking about hacking the lottery, but about giving a gift in a cute & romantic manner. For this, you’re going to need a printer, scissors, glue, a cereal box and, of course, a prize. For more details, please follow the tutorial below.

How to Personalize a Cereal Box in a Romantic Manner Tutorial – RomantiCraft

35. DIY Romantic Memory Jars

Do you have any souvenirs or little things that mark nice memories in your relationship? If you do, then your gift is half done. All you have to do now is to print a picture with you two, put it in a jar, arrange all the items as nice as you can and screw the lid on tightly. If you have too many souvenirs, and it’s hard for you to decide which is more suitable, then I suggest you to make more Memory Jars with different themes (such as seaside, picnic, zoo etc.).

DIY Romantic Memory Jars Tutorial – MarthaStewart

36. Last-Minute Jar of Kisses

Wouldn’t be cute if you two could kiss even when you’re apart? Nothing simpler. All you need is a white sheet of paper, a red lipstick, a pencil, scissors and a jar. Now apply the lipstick, kiss the sheet of paper, cut the kisses, write a reasons for each kiss and put them all in a nice jar.

Last-Minute Jar of Kisses Tutorial – LoveOfATravelingSoldier.Tumblr

37. Personalized “Best Boyfriend / Girlfriend Award” Certificate (Free Download)

Yes, I know this is not the latest breakthrough in terms of romantic gifts, but if it’s not a new idea it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Think about love notes… They are here since people lived in caves, but they are still the most romantic thing in the world. If you decide to make a nice certificate to show your admiration, you should visit the website below first, follow the instructions, download the printable version of your certificate, personalize it, print it and frame it.

Personalized “Best Boyfriend / Girlfriend Award” Certificate Free Download & Tutorial – MyCertificateTemplates

Remember that no Facebook status nor a nicely packed tablet will ever equal a romantic walk on the seaside, so make sure you take some time to build your relation as it should. I know you’re a busy person, who can’t take a week off just to make a gift, but I’m pretty sure your partner deserves at least a few hours of crafting, don’t you think? ……….. Don’t forget to SHARE the love! P