35+ DIY Romantic Gifts for your Better Half

DIY Romantic Gifts 1 Times have changed. Love notes transformed into text messages, love songs into YouTube links and romantic dates into club parties, and we can say that the days of Romeo & Juliet are long past. With so many tasks to fulfill and with all sort of gadgets that steal our lives, it’s hard to find the time to make something cute for the person you love (at least once in a while), but I believe that as long as we love each other, there’s still hope. The idea for this article sparkled a few months ago, when I was pretty tight and I wanted to find a gift that would be budget friendly and also sentimental.

I know it’s not easy to make a romantic gift, especially if you have no idea to start from, but this shouldn’t be a problem for you, ’cause I compiled a generous list with the best DIY gift ideas & tutorials that will add some romance to your couple life. Are you ready to amaze and be amazed? Have a look!

1. Last-Minute DIY Love Coupon Book (Printable)

Last-Minute DIY Love Coupon Book (Printable)

Girls just can’t say no to discounts, offers and coupons. It’s in our nature, so it’s not a bad idea to give your girlfriend a Love Coupon Book that includes all sort of offers for all sort of romantic activities, such as dinner, massage etc. If you’re a girl, don’t worry, they are equally effective for boys too. I’ve made one for my husband and he seemed extremely thrilled and excited. However, if you’d like to see more designs before putting your printer to work, make sure you also check this one, from BHG and this one, from KeyLimeDigitalDesigns.

Last-Minute DIY Love Coupon Book (Printable) – IHeartNapTime

2. Tremendously Awesome DIY Felt Heart Bookmark

Tremendously Awesome DIY Felt Heart Bookmark

Does your partner like reading? Then he’ll love this adorable Felt Heart Bookmark. Besides, it is also pretty cheap & easy to make, the supplies required for this project being: wool felt, scissors, glue, scallop-edge scissors, disappearing ink and embroidery floss. However, these can vary depending on which design you choose, so make sure you check the tutorial before start crafting.

Tremendously Awesome DIY Felt Heart Bookmark Tutorial – BHG

3. Super Cute Scrabble & Ring Gift Idea

Super Cute Scrabble & Ring Gift

Would you like her to be yours for ever and always? If so, what are you waiting for? Tell her this, and I’m sure your wish will come true, especially if you use this gift idea to transmit your message. All you need is a few Scrabble pieces, a beautiful ring and a lot of love to share.

4. Funny DIY Gift Idea: “I DIG You” (Printable Gift Tag)

Funny DIY Gift Idea: "I DIG You" Printable Gift Tag & Tutorial

To make this cute gift, you’re going to need a small plastic shovel, a lot of M&Ms, a nice plastic bag and, of course, the “I Dig U!” gift tag (which can be downloaded from here). Now fill your bag with M&Ms, place the shovel inside, tie the bag with a piece of ribbon, print the gift tags, cut one of them, then attach it to the bag, and you’re done.

Funny DIY Gift Idea: “I DIG You” Printable Gift Tag & Tutorial – DIYCraftsToMake

5. How to Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

How to Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

Working in an office is not exactly the most fun activity in the world, but you can improve this experience with a couple of cute things, such as a full set of Heart-Shaped Paper Clips. This not only that will make your partner’s time spent at the office seem less boring, but it will also help you save some money. Besides, they are just too cute to say no, aren’t they?

How to Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips Tutorial – HowAboutOrange.Blogspot

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