15 DIY Snow Globes that Stand Out {Best Ideas}

The winter is almost here… “and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. When I was just a little girl, on Christmas Eve, my grandmother gave me the most beautiful thing in the world  – a snow globe, which I still keep in my room as a reminder of my childhood. In my family, we use to gather in grandma’s house each Christmas to drink a hot chocolate, share a plate of homemade cookies, tell stories, but also give and receive gifts. Although my grandmother is pretty old now, her eyes still sparkle each time she opens a gift, so I can’t disappoint her. Thinking on what I should get or do for her, I decided to reward her for the gift that brightened my childhood, and make her a beautiful snow globe. As usual, I started with a research, and I learned that there are so many possibilities to make a snow globe that I can’t decide on a single one. Whatever I’ll choose in the end, I thought it would be nice to share  the results of my research with you, so I put them together and a new list was born … Take a look and get inspired!

DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Globe 1. DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

I’ve never thought that I can make a snow globe with so little effort and money. For example, the snow globe presented here involves just a few common materials that most probably are already in your home: a jar, plastic animals and trees, polymer clay, glycerin, silver or white glitter.

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  1. OLGA says

    I decided to make a different one for each friend I have, including things that represent them, like money, cars, art etc. I hope they’ll appreciate my effort… Nice post, btw!

  2. Andrew says

    Oh, my God, how beautiful are these!!!! I’m in love! I didn’t know that I can MAKE a snowglobe… I thought it’s rocket science, but now it doesn’t seem such a complicated thing :)

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